Construction Professionals

Making the most of your colleagues

This week I started work at a recruitment company called Project Resource – dealing with white collar construction professionals working on projects throughout the UK. There are three things that I’m already really happy and enthusiastic about:

  1. The office atmosphere and company culture is just… exactly what I wanted. Boom.
  2. My predecessor has laid a solid foundation for me to work upon and handed over very well Рthis has made a hell of a lot of difference.
  3. Construction and Infrastructure are both subjects that are current and intrinsically linked to the well-being and health of the UK’s economy. It’s an exciting time for the industry and to be part of an operation like Project Resource in a marketing role is a fantastic opportunity.

This last point is the most important one for me. As a marketing executive with a very basic knowledge of the construction and infrastructure industry sectors, I rely on my colleagues for information and opinions so that I am able to create quality content and not just sit on my bottom and curate content written by other people.

Construction in Central London

I think in any in-house marketing, communications or social media role, the relationships you build with your colleagues are critical. You need their help much more than they need yours in the early days – and it pays dividends to get people on your side!

Reading around a topic is a very helpful exercise, but talking to people on the ground who know¬†what’s happening out there in the market is crucial if you are to gain some kind of a handle on the subject matter that you need to be dealing with and extracting valuable articles and blogs from.