Content is King… Forever and Ever (On Repeat)

Who coined the phrase ‘Content is King’? Ah, yes. Bill Gates all the way back in 1996, when I was eight years old. 17 years on and this still seems to be true – but this ‘King’ shows no sign of changing his ways or handing over the pen to someone else, entirely at least.

Too many Tweets, sire?

Too many Tweets, sir?

Like a lot of people, I consume content on the internet like a madman. Twitter is almost an impulse for me – if I can’t get to sleep I whip out the iPhone and systematically go through the latest 50 posts in my Home Feed on Hootsuite. Tweetdeck is constantly open while I’m at work and at home, just in case something pops up that I haven’t seen before.

Herein lies my problem, and the problem of other people who spend a lot of time reading free stuff on the internet about social media and tech.

People are writing about the same subject: cool. But they are churning out the same stuff as well!

There are some people who really, really know their stuff out there. They have gone to a huge amount of time and effort to nail down what type of approach to marketing really works on Google+, or the 5 things that you NEVER DO on LinkedIn when you’re looking for a job. Jeff Bullas is one guy (worth a follow, people!)

But they repost these blogs, over and over again throughout the day and night. I literally had to follow Jeff for a week and (I assume) he’d systematically shared his whole blog library with me! I stay tuned because when he has the time to squeeze another one out, it’ll no doubt be worth reading.

One of the people that know what they're talking about!

One of the people who know what they’re talking about!

This is turning into a moan, so I’ll bring it to an end. This is a shout out to people who really know what they are talking about – I know you’re busy and writing original content is extraordinarily hard work, but you risk alienating the people like me who see you in their feeds every 30 minutes with a post they saw yesterday!


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