Passion vs. a Presentation

On Thursday I attended a talk run as part of Social Media Week London (#SMWLDN) hosted by a recruitment consultancy (ManpowerGroup) and a social business consultancy (Carve Consulting).

It was a great presentation, but not because the content was especially new to me, although it was very good. Some of the slides were difficult to see, but that wasn’t important because one of the speakers – Paul Harrison,  MD at Carve was truly engaging.

The guy is a whirlwind and seems to think at 100 miles an hour, but he was there to tell a story, not solely to sell a product or tell people what he and his company had done. He was there to express how important it is for businesses should embrace social media and make it as normal to employees as using Outlook or even the office scanner.

The way in which he told the story was fantastic – he looked at everyone and everything apart from the slides – well he did look at the slides – but they just set the agenda. He swore. He obviously didn’t have a script (or need one). His presenting style oozed enthusiasm, knowledge and genuine passion for his field of expertise – social business.

Why talk about something to people if you don’t have this level of passion for a subject? Not everyone is such a natural communicator, granted, but there are ways to express personal enthusiasm for any given subject – there must be.


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  1. Thanks for your post on this – it’s so inspiring to watch passionate presenters. It’s especially impressive when the topic can be seen by some as being dry. (Hans Rosling springs to mind as a passionate “nerd”, with his TED talks about demographic statistics!)

    Check out this couple of videos where the speakers use their passion to great effect. One is Jamie Oliver using a prop, and the other is Brendon Burchard, who even manages to show passion when working with a whiteboard!
    Going ”analog” – presenting without software

    Any comments or suggestions are very welcome.

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