Music makes the world go round

A music blog post… why not?

Maybe the above title is a bit of an overstatement, but music is a huge part of many human being’s lives. It evokes emotions of all kinds – and can jolt your memory, taking you back to a time in your life when you were obsessed with ‘that tune’ or ‘that band’.

It’s powerful stuff – and I find it hard to see anything intrinsically bad about it. Music that inspires hatred, sexism, homophobia or racism is rare and awful. Good music, or music that you love can make a bad day better, or a good day great.

To the man in this video, music was everything – and still is! If you haven’t already seen it, watch it. It’s an amazing clip.

What I like about music most is the stuff that makes me want to dance, and music that I can lose myself in. Below I’ve listed some recent tracks that I reckon are bang on, and a couple of older ones that I keep listening to, over and over again.

Zed Bias put out this tune under his Maddslinky alias – and its huge. The synths preclude an irresistable bassline. Pure party music: just the right speed for a reet old skank!

South London Ordnance started off as a bit of a reclusive producer, but that’s all changed. He’s all over Facebook, posting about the gigs he’s playing when only four or five months ago no one even knew his name. I’ll be honest I still don’t know his name – but this tune really hits the buttons.

The guy has an exceptional organic production style and a my mates have been playing me a lot of techno recently, so this track blew me away!

My theory of why techno and other kickdrum-led music is so popular around the world is that it is literally the oldest sound structure in the world. Think about drums – whacking a stick against a log produces a ‘kick’. Perhaps a steady rhythm of kicks is appealing to us because it’s the first organised sound structure humans made?

Drum n Bass never gets old for me – I’ve always got time for it and this remix from dRamatic & dbAudio has got soul in bundles. V recordings never fail to disappoint!

Tim Hecker is one of my all time favourite producers. The soundscapes he creates move from harsh to melodic, to peaceful and then loud and angry. The above track is one of my favourites. I haven’t found a single artist who makes ambient music in the same way; the guy has a completely unique style.

This woman is a genius. I don’t particularly like rap or hip hop, but this track brims with passion. I reckon there are some similarities between her lyrics and the way she sings and Zack de la Rocha from Rage Against the Machine.


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